ďFat And Ugly Ex-Call Centre Agent Reveals The Amazing Secret He Discovered That Allows Him To Have Women Nearly Throwing Themselves At Him!Ē


This isn't about some body spray.....This man knows how to get any woman he wants and he wants to show you these Seduction Secrets!





From: The Desktop Of Jack Rock


Dear Mr.Nice Guy,


Are you sick and tired of clamming up when you see a beautiful women? Are you baffled at the fact that many ugly men are with women you could only dream of having by your side?


Well my friend, you are not alone. There are millions of men all over the world who are suffering from a condition... This condition leaves them scared and unsure of themselves when it comes to meeting, approaching, attracting, and eventually bedding beautiful women.


If these men are lucky enough to find a woman who actually likes them in spite of themselves, they latch on like a infant to breast, suffocating the relationship, and shortly thereafter ending up alone and miserable once again.


Are you ready to learn the amazing secret that will allow you to approach any woman you so choose?


Are you ready to see how easy it is to transform a total stranger into a bedmate? Well my friend, read on...


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You see, I was once just like you. My teenage years where filled with nothing but isolation and misery. In college, even my other shy and insecure male friends began bagging chicks while I was couped up in my dorm room night after night alone and frustrated.


I dropped out of college and entered the white collar workforce as a call centre Customer Service Agent. Call centres in general seem to employ a higher percentage of female workers. So this line of work put me in front of beautiful women day after day. It was then I begin to drown my sorrows in fast food and I started to gain pound after pound.


My already miniscule self esteem dwindled to nil, due to my high intake of chocolate, my face was invaded by acne, I woke up one morning and realized I was fat, ugly, and terribly miserable.


Then one day it all changed


I went to work as usual already eagerly awaiting the lunch break as I clocked in at 9AM. To my surprise we had a new guy. He was a 20 year old black guy who was a local college student.


His name was Jerome, but he quickly told everyone that he preferred to be called Jay. Jay was a charismatic young man, and he had a way with women... boy did he have a way with women!


His first week there he managed to persuade one of the managers, who was a 43 year old married woman, to sleep with him.


A few weeks after that he was sleeping with two other hot employees that I knew of.


The crazy thing was, all the women knew he was sleeping around. He wasn't their boyfriend, and they were still crazy about him!


I was utterly confused, flabbergasted, and shocked!


Jay. had single handedly shifted my perception about 'The Game.' I did not know how he was able to do it, but I so desperately wanted to find out!

I befriended Jay after I was moved to the same team as him. I started picking his brain about how he was able to basically control women, and get him to do his bidding, while being funny, charismatic, and nice all at the same time.


A few weeks later, Jay invited me to go to the club with him. I was taken aback. I was a 30 year old fat and ugly guy who had no business in a club frequented by twentysomethings.


I went anyway.


Once there Jay called me his "wingman" and he said we were going to work together to pick up some women. He said our goal for the night was to get into a separate hotel room with the two women we had just met that night, have our way with them, and go eat a hearty breakfast in the morning reflecting on our escapades in the hotel rooms the night before.

I sure did like the sound of that!


Jay quickly zeroed in on our 'targets'. Two smoking hot brunette women sitting at the bar. Jay went up to them and started his magic. He instructed me to follow along.


After a hour and half, Jay suggested we "find a quieter place" to chat and have drinks. To my suprise the girls eagerly agreed and Jay casually suggested the bar of the hotel we had booked into that was a few blocks away from the club.


By the time we got to the hotel, they were ready to go to the rooms instead of the bar. And The Rest Is History!!


Do you want to know the secret that Jay used to bag himself and me a woman that night? Well my friend you're in luck. I'm going to reveal that secret to you right here right now.


Its called psychology. You see, Jay never had any formal schooling about the nature of the human mind, women's minds in particular. He was just a natural. However, when Jay started explaining to me the inner workings of his personal game, I started to realize he was spitting some hardcore psychology.



Then I had an epiphany.


I all to soon realized that the information contained in this man's skull was GOLDEN. I knew of the millions of struggling men who were just like me, they were alone, miserable, and confused.


That day, I swore to make it my mission to help as many men as possible. Getting women no longer has to be some type of mysterious act of magic to you. You no longer have to be frustrated. You no longer have to be alone.


Jack Rock...

You ROCK!!!! Your Final Seduction material is life-changing stuff. I am just going to study your stuff from now on. You tell it how it really is. I learned more of what exactly to do out in the field from Final Seduction than any other book I have read. Thanks man,

Dylan P - USA



With Jays secrets to women, you can be enjoying the company of as many women as you want. You can have the full self confidence that you are the alpha male, and that it is a woman's privilege to be with YOU, not vice versa!!


After two years of being around Jay, and many late nights of study of the womans mind via various books and courses on seduction and psychology, I have complied all of golden knowledge into one compressive easy to understand package for men just like you! And I made sure only to include the stuff that is actually PROVEN TO WORK. This is not seduction theory based on lame ideas dreamt up in someones mind like most of the other seduction material you see floating around the Internet...This is seduction theory based on the scientific meaning of the word..


My book Final Seduction is going to completly revolutionize you into an unstoppable hot woman attracting machine to be reckoned with!!


Final Seduction Book


This is a book on the theory of seduction. You can not take any actions without first understanding the theory behind why things work like they do.


This isn't some pack of lame pick up lines sloppily thrown together. This isn't some self help course that is going to motivate you.


What I am offering you today, is truly life changing information that will take an area of your life where you have struggled with and put you into the fast lane of feeling good about yourself, and getting tons of hot women in the process!!


My book Final Seduction is delivered to you electronic book format. I decided to make this course electronic, because I realize the immediate need for things to change for you RIGHT NOW!!


In this book, you will find:

The main drive behind ALL Women

Step-by-Step instructions How To Approach Women The Proper Way. (this may surprise you)!

How To Seduce Beautiful Woman Easily and With Confidence.

Complete Information on the Theory of Seduction

Allow You To Meet More Beautiful Women Than Youíve Ever Dared to Dream

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Blast Your Happiness Out of this World

As you can see, the information contained in my Final Seduction Course - Seduction Theory on Steroids is priceless. You can not put a price on being able to learn the exact reason why things work like they do with women.


After being empowered with the knowledge of my course you will have no choice but to start getting women left and right, night after night, if you so choose!!



I was always nervous going out to bars and clubs trying to pick up women. In fact I have not really gone out in over a year. I was getting kinda lonely and I stumbled across your Final Seduction course online through google.

After reading the first chapter I thought this book was actually written for me. I honestly could not put the book down until I read it all the way through. In fact I read your Final Seduciton book 2 times and I honestly could not wait to get out there and get back in the game again.

The first night I got 2 phone numbers. (I didn't bother calling them though) and last night I went out again and met this stunning girl. Not just stunning in the looks department she is also really intelligent and cool.

I got her number and I am just after arranging to meet her again tomorrow night! I can't wait. Thanks so much for the information. It's not like most of the other crap online.

Your Friend,

Brad D - USA

P.S I will keep you up to date on the chick I met last night :)


With Final Seduction You Will Discover:


How to Use the Natural Needs of a Woman to Your Advantage

A Step-by-Step PROVEN Method of Seduction. This is what we are all looking for. Right?

How to Successfully Approach Groups Of Women. These tactics are ideal for bars and clubs.

A Simple Yet Dangerously Effective Method of Ensuring that You Stand Above All The Other Men No Matter Where You Are or Who Youíre With

How to Know When A Women is Ready to Make Love to You

A Foolproof Method of Sealing the Deal (Getting the Beautiful Woman Into Bed!)


I honestly didn't know what to price this course at. A few friends who I have shown this material to have said they would gladly pay upwards of $297 for this material!


Don't worry my friend; I'm not going to charge you $297 for this book. That may be what others are willing to pay, but I think that price may keep this course out of the hands of the men who really need it!


I'm not even going to charge half of that price. $147, while a great figure considering the work I've put into this, would just simply be too high!


For you, for today, I'm only going to ask you to part with $97.


$97 is a small pittance to pay for the life altering information contained within the pages of my course.


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In order for you to start getting women, you have to change. Doing the same thing over and over will net the same results.

If you are man enough to take this action that is going to guarantee your success with women, I want to reward you!

With you order of my electronic course today, Iím going to ship you my exclusive Final Seduction Theory Audio CD!! This is the Audio version of the course and will totally blow your mind as all you have to do is sit back and listen to learn how to become a pickup artist. After listening you will be a totally transformed man, ready to target and pick up any woman you so choose!!

Final Seduction Audio CD

And best of all, this CD is yours FREE with your order of my Final Seduction Book today!!



Hi Jack,

Final Seduction is my favourite seduction guide. I buy everything you release and I am never disappointed. I listened to the cd while I was driving my car into the city and I swear by the time I reached town I felt like I knew all there was to seduce any woman!

Mark P - USA



Hi Jack,

Final Seduction Rocks! I understand now why you call it 'Final Seduction'....It really is the last seduction book I will ever buy....and trust me I have bought a whole bunch of them! I am even to embarrassed to tell you how much I spent on seduction material :)

Paul C - USA





Styling For Dating Success Ebook


The next 100 30 people who order today will also get my new unreleased book "Styling For Dating Success". This is a 42 page ebook that goes into detail of how to dress for success with the ladies.

There is no proper male book on this subject and quite frankly it is one of the most important aspects of the seduction game ....Looking good.


This book goes into detail about:

  • What to wear. Do you look like a nice guy or a sexy guy?
  • The Best Colognes to use
  • Looking Good Anywhere, Anytime, at an Affordable Price!
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  • What shoes to wear
  • Hairstyle information


This ebook does not only tell you how to look sexy but it is full of color pictures to show you exactly what I am talking about.


This book alone I will be selling in the near future (as soon as I get its own website) and is easily worth $97.



Hey Jack,

I gotta tell you the Styling for Success Bonus was worth more than the entire Final Seduction course. How can you offer this as just a bonus?

David C - UK


So there you have it my friend. I have just presented you with the opportunity to totally revolutionize the way you think, act and look around hot women. Without action here, you will be thrown back into misery.

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Seduction Course and Tips


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And to ease your mind, Iím offering a 30 day unconditional iron clad money back guarantee!! If at any point you feel as though the information in my course is not going to totally change your life simply send me an email, and I will refund every single dime of your money no questions asked! Just send back the Audio CD. You even get to keep the bonus Styling for Dating Success ebook as my appreciation for you trying my course!!


To Your Overwhelming Success With Women,



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